Image: @cwiss

Image: @cwiss

A Destination burger joint

For those of you that don’t know Burger Bear – WHAT! You don’t know Burger Bear?! Well, let’s just say that the friendly creator of one of London’s most original, most beautiful burgers, the Bear behind the Bacon Jam is waiting for you to come and try his burgers! Thats me, Tom!

Roaming around London you can find me inside and out, regular spots in Tech and Hipster central, Shoreditch or over in Nunhead or Peckham in the wilds of South London. You can always guarantee I'll have the disco pumping, the Q dancing and the burgers flowing.

Come find me and say hi!

Peckham & Proud

Our meat is supplied by Charlie at Flock & Herd, Peckham's finest butcher. His meat is sourced locally and is as sustainable as it could be. We pride ourselves in using local businesses. We try to keep it South!

Why not try them out for yourselves, follow them on twitter @FlockandHerd

Bacon Jam

Yep. You heard right, Bacon Jam, the glorious ingredient that we make from 12 crazy ingredients (including our dry cured streaky) in our disco kitchen in South London.

This jam, on our signature burger, The Grizzly Bear has got us where we are today! Minds have been blown. We do sell jars so you can own this little jar of happiness but currently we are taking a break from online sales so please buy direct from our popups! Thanks


We recently raised £36,000 pounds via an amazing crowd funding platform called Kickstarter. The money was raised through our customers, friends and family to build our first diner. We are building a double stack, shipping container burger joint in the heart of the fast paced Shoreditch area.

Check out our campaign here: