So here is a little intro to some close friends we are going to be working with......

Bear Hug Brewing

We are an exciting new brewery from London, England.
Our mission is to make beer for everyone, and save the rainforest one sqft at a time.


Our mission - along with providing great beers and ales, is to try and make a difference in everything that we do - from the events we get involved in to helping to preserve the rainforest one square foot at a time. We work alongside an organisation called Green Squares and with every beer that we sell, purchase one green square that will be donated on pack or via gift vouchers to our customers that will help preserve one square foot of the rainforest for 1 year. Once gifted, each person will be able to see the exact area they have helped preserve through


Our aim is to bring craft beer to the masses through great beer, events, food and festivals. Places where people can discover our brand and the joys of craft beer. We hope to be a stepping stone and an introduction to the category for many but to also be experimental - create beers that are individual, unusual and innovational but always with the finest of ingredients and quality at the heart of everything that we do. We would also like to help save the rainforest.